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Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation


Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation - ITL has experiences in EU mobility, transport and logistics fields projects both as partner and Lead Partner. ITL has been active on the main EU funding Programmes for almost 10 years. Among EU project experiences: IPA Adriatic (EASYCONNECTING), Interreg III (I-IOG; PORTUS; CORELOG; MATAARI; MEDIGATE; PORT-NET; ENLoCC; MADAMA; REDECON; CITEAIR), Interreg IVC (CASTLE, SUGAR, POLITE), Med (FREIGHT4ALL, FUTUREMED, CO-EFFICIENT, SMILE), South East Europe (ATTAC, RAIL4SEE, SEE-ITS), Central Europe (KASSETTS, SONORA, EMPIRIC, BATCo, airLED, ESSENCE, GUTS), Italia - Slovenia (EnergyViLLab), Life Long Learning Programme (DELPHI, CENTRAL), Marco Polo (SCOTCH), Framework Programme (FREIGHTWISE-FP6; DEN4DEK FP7CIP, C-Liege; NOVELOG and SUCCESS H2020),
Intelligent Energy Europe (STAR; ECOSTARS EUROPE)

Contribution to the project

ITL is a no-profit research institute, whose shareholders are the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna (E-R), Local Authorities (Ravenna, Bologna and Piacenza), Universities based in E-R and Ravenna Port Authority. ITL’s strategic mission is the support to authorities to shape, implement, improve and monitor policy making in transport & logistics. In the context of CAPTAIN ITL will bring its expertise in policy making to implement sustainable mobility and services to passengers and freight at the service of the project and will act as facilitator of the Ravenna local community’s interest about the project activities and in particular for sustain the setup of the CAPTAIN Observatory. ITL will take care of transferring the project outcomes to the local community of public and private stakeholders operating around the Port and Ravenna city. ITL will bring part to CAPTAIN meetings, events etc… upon request and in agreement with lead beneficiary.


ITL by mission deals with the topics of the project, with experience at regional, national & EU level. Specifically, ITL is partner in EASYCONNECTING with responsibilities to improve the intermodal connections between the Port of Ravenna and the hinterland nodes or other logistics infrastructures and assisted the Province of Ravenna to carry out studies and overall support in EASY-WAY, therefore demonstrating a complete knowledge of the IPA ADRIATIC programme and its competence regarding CAPTAIN’s topics  for the development of the sustainable mobility in the IPA area. ITL is project partner in CARICA, recently approved for funding, that is guaranteeing a flexible and updated exchange of opinions and outcomes among the two projects of this Targeted Call on European Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR).

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