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Ministry of Maritime affairs, Transport and Infrastructure


The Ministry has an extensive experience in developing strategies, policies and joint initiatives for the regional and international cooperation in the field of communications and transport as well as identifying constrains to the effective implementation of the projects. In addition, the Ministry will coordinate and facilitate exchange of information related to current project with the beneficiary member states and beneficiary regional associations.

Contribution to the project

The Beneficiary have knowledge of international project management, excellent organizational skills and competence at national and international level. With extensive experience in transport and maritime law, development and implementation of national and regional strategies, and maritime/transport administration, the Ministry actively participated in the implementing activities and results of maritime- and transport- related projects.
The Ministry would provide all required information and a database for this project, would give support in implementation of the project and would act alone or in partnership with one or more partners or other bodies identified in the description of the Actions.


The advantage of intermodal links is that they enable the most appropriate mode of transport to be used for any particular segment of the transport. The necessary unloading and reloading operations have a major impact on the quality and total cost of distribution and impose limitations on the efficient combination of means of transport.  Research  into  ways  of improving  the  quality  and  cost of these  operations  should  make  it possible  to  increase  the productivity of all means  of  transport  and distribution. Therefore Ministry has always and will in future support projects aiming to results that will reduce delivery time, reduce costs, handling  time on operational piers during goods transfer and/or  reduction in energy consumption for environmental protection in Croatian ports. Ministry feel that future of intermodal transport will depend on the manner in which the different operations of unloading/reloading will be performed. At the end, the development of systems using and adapting the most recent automatisation technologies will be outermost Croatian goal.

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