Captain Project


Igoumenitsa Port Authority S.A


The Port Authority acquired experience in international projects related to maritime and port environmental sustainability (EL-Port-AL (IPA GR-AL) and TEN_Ecoport (SEE)), in cooperation and establishing a network of ports and transport experts in the Mediterranean region (MEDNET (MED)), in promotion services and logistics chain and establishing networks between ports (ADRIAMOS (TEN-T EA), Net.L.A.M.), and in developing infomobility system for the exchange and sharing of information among ports about security and travellers within Adriatic area (GAIA).

Contribution to the project

Igoumenitsa Port Authority will provide to the project the knowledge and experience required in the everyday operations and procedures performed within the port and constitute an important factor in the logistics chain. In addition, it has realised a Pilot Action for the development  of an electronic platform of interactive information and security (booking, registration, flows, sharing data, etc.) for maritime passenger transport at port and it can provide CAPTAIN with its experience.


Igoumenitsa Port Authority's team has great expertise in national, international and EU funded projects. The successful completion of similar projects is a guarantee for the team's capabilities. Through the expertise gained from INTERREG, MED, SEE, TEN-T and IPA projects Igoumenitsa Port Authority S.A. can support CAPTAIN with its technical know-how.

Passenger Terminal
46100 Igoumenitsa (GR)
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