Captain Project


Province of Ravenna


The Province of Ravenna gained a sound experience in the preparation and management of EU funded projects since programming 2000-2006. It managed 20 ETC projects only within 2007-2013 programming, tackling several field of interest such as tourism, culture, renewable energy, sustainable development, and particular attention has been paid to sustainable mobility.In fact it leaded the IPA-Adriatic standard project Adrimob and participated in the Italy-Slovenia strategic project Interbike, in the Central Europe Project BiCY and is still implementing the IPA-Adriatic strategic project EA SEA-WAY.  All toghether,during programming 2007-2013 participated as partner or LP into 2 CEU projects;1 SEE; 6 IPA-Adriatic; 1 MED; 10 Italy-Slovenia; 1 Interreg IVC sub-project.

Contribution to the project

Prov. of Ravenna, as LP of the standard project Adrimob,can transfer its knowledge and documents with reference to the main outputs produced, and can enrich the transfer of knowledge and share previous achievements in Captain. It is the case of the Joint Strategic Plan for the multimodal mobility in the Adriatic, the Cross-border mobility intervention plans for North, Centre and South Areas. It furthermore can share a sound list of best practices represented by the pilot actions developed by the Adrimob partners during the implementation of the project, aimed at upgrading ports and increasing the multimodal mobility, as well as at strengthening the connection with hinterlands.


The added value for the Province of Ravenna from the participation in Captain is represented by the possibility to keep being embedded in an important network of bodies dealing with a key issue for the Province itself, namely multimodal mobility and ports, due to the presence of the port of Ravenna in its territory. The participation will furthermore allow the Province to transfer the outputs and contacts to the key stakeholders and local public bodies of its area, in order to build on a sound mix of international skills and knowledge, and therefore to allow them preparing future cooperation projects either in the frame of EU Programme, either not.

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Marna Ortolani