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Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure


The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure being the central public institution in the transport sector has a sound experience in implementing different projects financed by different donor and programmes
MTI was partner in SEETAC (SEE) and ACROSEE (SEE) having the objective of improved cross-border accessibility of the SEE area. MTI continued to participate actively in the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding for the development of the Core Regional Transport Network and in SEETO. The Ministry is also partner in INTERMODAL (IPA), acquairing experience in the field of sustainable mobility models based on intermodal transport to promote tourism in the Adriatic Littoral zone, HAZADR (IPA) project on establishing an Adriatic network to fight sea pollution and contamination of oil and hazardous substances in Adriatic Sea, and EA SEA WAY (IPA) WAY is to improve the accessibility and the mobility of passengers across the Adriatic area and its hinterland.

Contribution to the project

The competences of the Ministry’s  staff in designing and implementing the policies and strategies having in mind the national and EUSAIR priorities, and previous experience in the participation of other cross border project will be an added value and gives a real strategic value to the partnership. The MTI will give its contribution in strengthening the institutional cooperation between countries, in establishing a  transnational multi-level network, and will support  the enhancement of multimodal  and the efficiency and competitiveness of the transport sector in the Adriatic-Ionian region, with close connection to the EUSAIR and the European Commission.


The Ministry of Transport will give its contribution and institutional support to the implementation of the EUSAIR strategy through the Capitalization of Transport models in Adriatic Ionian Network and other project results for a sustainable passenger strategy. Its participation can generate a leverage effect able to converge other resources to pursue the project objectives. The Ministry also aims at promoting maritime passenger’s traffics in the Adriatic area given that Port of Durres is included in the TEN-T Core Corridors recently extended to the Western Balkans Core Network. Therefore, the participation of the Ministry of Transport  as associate represents an added value since it can ensure a diffusion and a sustainability of project results.

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