Captain Project


University of Belgrade-Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering (FTTE)


COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action (2013-2017) - Transport and Urban Development COST Action TU1209 “Transport Equity Analysis: assessment and integration of equity criteria in transportation planning (TEA)”
Europe-Adriatic SEA-WAY, Adriatic IPA, Cross Border Cooperation 2007-2013, Project code 1°STR/0011

Contribution to the project

FTTE contribution to the project could be related to previous academic research and academic activities on requirements for transport, traffic flow characteristics, research of passenger and cargo flows, user behaviour characteristics, development of simulation models in traffic and transport, development of expert systems, use of IT in traffic, transport and communications, environmental protection, etc. FTTE with its environment, human and technical resources, extensive experience and references, could provide the project with high quality interdisciplinary advice on traffic and transport.


The Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering (FTTE) will support the project activities and initiatives envisaged for the coordination, dissemination, capitalization, institutional cooperation, capacity building and strategy definition. Moreover, FTTE will support the University of Ljubljana  providing its scientific and technical advice.

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Olja ńĆokorilo