Captain Project


Ancona Port Authority


APA took part as partner in the following projects: Adriaform (Interreg III A) for the creation of an Adriatic network for the development and the qualification of human resources; Watermode (SEE progr) aimed at creating a international network in the South Eastern Europe to develop the multimodal transport; SYNTHESIS (Marco Polo II) with a relevant ferry company; Mednet (Med prog) on custom procedures and simplification of clearance in ports; Mermaid (Med progr) on environmental monitoring systems in ports close to the cities; Intermodadria (IPA Adriatic progr) on the promotion of short sea shipping in Adriatic sea (wp5 responsible); Ea SEA-WAY (strat. IPA Adriatic progr) to improve the accessibility and the mobility of passengers across the Adriatic area and its hinterland; GAINN4MOS  (CEF 2014 call – MOS priority), as implementing body of the Italian Ministry for Transport, that contributes to the implementation of the LNG bunkering project in Atlantic and the Mediterranean ports.

Contribution to the project

APA can contribute to the achievement of project objectives by providing information, experiences, results and networks coming from past and current European projects.


The experiences and the networks developed in the previous and current cooperation projects could be a support for the partnership in the implementation of the project activities. Moreover, the Port Authority will provide information, advice and points of view in the development of the project activities.

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