Captain Project


Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency

Beneficiary organization

In the past thirteen years of existence, SERDA developed and implemented over 350 projects/activities and conducted numerous regional and local development activities with relevant stakeholders and partners. Among them, specific importance has been given to the international projects through which SERDA increased its capacities regarding the implementation of such actions. SERDA has 21 full time employees  working in high-quality conditions and exceptionally equipped premises. 

Previous experience

IPA Adriatic CBC:
• TISAR - Traveller Information System for the Adriatic Region
• Metris plus - Boosting Research and Innovation Potential of the Adriatic Cross-border Area in wastewater treatment;
• ADRIATIC ROUTE - Adriatic Route for Thematic Tourism;
• AHVN - Adriatic Health and Vitality Network;
• Tex-EASTile - Sustainable innovation for textile in SEE;
• F.A.T.E. - conversion of military brownfields into business infrastructure;
• CLOUD - application of ICT in cluster management;
• INTOURACT- development of touristic activities;
• TRACE energy efficiency in buildings;
• SECOVIA - Cloud computing in public administration;
• SEERISK - risk management in disasters caused by climate change;
• FaRInn - responsible innovations;
• ENERGEIA - Support to establishment of SMEs in renewable energy sources;
• WIDER -  support to innovations for elderly people in eco-housing sector;
• ZEROWASTE PRO - promotion of waste management with zero waste.

Contribution to the project

Regarding the role of SERDA in this specific partnership, SERDA contributes in every phase of project implementation. SERDA will use all its competences, knowledge and skills to contribute to the collection of necessary data to update the outputs of EASEAWAY, Adrimob and Adriatic MoS, to carry out a study on possible developments of direct Bosnian interest on the Port of Ploce, taking into consideration its role for the passenger and mainly freight transport flows of relevance for  BH also considering the strategic role of Corridor 5c, to disseminated CAPTAIN results. As a member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), SERDA is linked up through powerful databases, sharing knowledge and business partners across all Network countries.  SERDA is also an associate member of the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) and will use these networks to spread CAPTAIN results.


SERDA is a non-profit limited liability company governed by public law and owned by the Canton of Sarajevo, the City of Sarajevo, the City of East Sarajevo and 32 municipalities from the Sarajevo Macro Region.
SERDA’s role in the local policy framework is to encourage and strengthen regional development through provision of financial support, education, tools for business infrastructure development and capacity building in various sectors, information services for foreign investors and the implementation of inter-regional and international projects.
Through the professional implementation of projects and the dynamic and innovative approach, SERDA has proven itself as of the leading elements of the regional economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. SERDA has a vast experience in implementing various scale projects funded by EU or international donors as well as those projects funded by founders for covering interventions in local communities of Sarajevo Macro region.


First InfoDay, Trieste 15 July 2016, Ppt presentation: 

8_CAPTAIN_SERDA presentation_Kosovac_15_07_2016



Kolodvorska 6
71000 Sarajevo (BiH)
T.  + 387 33 652935

Ševkija Okerić          
SCM member

Sanela Dževlan
SCM member substitute/Project manager

Asmir Kosovac 
Program manager/Project manager

Zinaida Porobić
Financial manager

Elma Kosovic
Financial manager

Sanja Ismailovic
Financial manager

Amela Ikic Suljagic
Technical team

Harun Rizvanbegović
Technical team

Dzejna Brankovic
Technical team