Captain Project


Albania Institute of Transport

Beneficiary organization

With more than 30 years of experience, the Institute of Transport has accomplished mid and long term studies on transport sector issues, as well as provided consultancy services and been an active partner in various foreign and regional projects.

The main activities of Institute of Transport are:
1. Establishing a transport sector database for each mode of transport as well as maintain and update such database.
2. To maintain and update the Albanian National Transport Plan (ANTP) and associated investment programs.
3. Preparing and implementing, national and regional, studies and projects for each mode of transport.
4. Other services and studying activities for  third parties in transport field, evaluations, urban plan of traffic and signaling of the cities and their updating, expertise, trainings, etc.AIT Basic Information:
• AIT total staff full time compromises 15 persons.
• The annual budget is approximately 150,000.00 EUR.
• Office equipments for all the staff members.

Previous experience

CBC projects:INTERMODADRIA:“Supporting intermodal transport solutions in the Adriatic area. Objective: to increase the competitiveness of the short sea shipping and to strengthen the attractiveness of intermodal transport solutions serving the ports and logistics centers in the medium and lower Adriatic area, with particular reference to the integration in the logistics chain of the sea-routes that serve the two shores of the Adriatic and Ionian seas. AdriaticMoS:“Development of Motorways of Sea System of Sea in Adriatic Region” with the objective to develop the MoS in the Adriatic as an integral part of East Mediterranean MoS transport system, through the creation, development and elaboration of a Master Plan which will present all viable MoS projects in the Adriatic.
Projects financed by other EU programs:
MEDNET:“Mediterranean network for Custom Procedures and Simplification of Clearance in Ports”.SEE – MARINER: “South Eastern Europe Marine and River Integrated”

Contribution to the project

AIT will capitalize the Master Plan of Adriatic MoS, analyzing the feasibility of the interventions proposed on the implementation of MoS corridors and on the solutions to overcome bottlenecks and missing links for freight and passenger transport from ports to hinterland. Moreover, AIT will actively participate in the exchange of best practices, in the connection of CAPTAIN with other initiatives (MEDNET, etc), in the  dissemination and transfer of results to relevant stakeholders and to the policy level, etc.


The thematic competence of the institute are:
• Transport Studies
• Transport Projects
• Transport Planning
• Data Collection and Management

The AIT is a unique public institution, under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure; in our country that covers and studies all transport new developments and strategies. Therefore has the needed experience to implement all the project activities and results.

Rr. “Kavajës”, Nd. 39, H.3, Ap.3
1001 Tirana (AL)
T. +355 2 250 057 

Thanas Poçi
SCM member/Project Manager

Florjan Xhelilaj
SCM member/ Financial manager

Tefta Methasani 
Financial manager

Shkelqim Gjevori
Technical team

Meri Lumi
Technical team

Shpresa Mhilli
Technical team

Vera Shiko
Technical team

Adriana Pellumbi
Technical team