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Region of Epirus / Regional Unit of Thesprotia

Beneficiary organization

Regional unit of Thesprotia has a privately owned three floor building in the city of Igoumenitsa which houses its main offices. Additional buildings are leased within the area of Thesprotia in order to house some of its services. There are about 230 people working for the Regional unit of Thesprotia at the moment, while the ratio servants/personal  computers is 4/3.
Regional unit of Thesprotia has a considerable experience in the management and monitoring of projects. During the five last years 51 projects have been accomplished. The total budget of the projects was about 34,000,000 Euros. Moreover, at the moment 145 new projects (budget 26,200,000 Euros) are being managed by the Regional Unit of Thesprotia.

Previous experience

During the past programming period (2007-2013), RUTH implemented the following European territorial cooperation projects:
IPA ADRIATIC CBC / ADRIMOB (Sustainable Coast Mobility in the Adriatic Area)
IPA ADRIATIC CBC / AMF (Adriatic Model Forest)
IPA ADRIATIC CBC / Travellers Information System for Adriatic Region (TISAR)
South East Europe / ACROSSEE
Greece-Italy 2007-2013 / INNOVOIL
Greece-Italy 2007-2013 / Thiropedia

Contribution to the project

Regional Unit of Thesprotia (RUTH), apart from its direct influence on policy making, maintains strong links and relations with the respective regional stakeholders. This is a competitive advantage that can add value to the project implementation and outcome.
RUTH will capitalize outputs and results of Adrimob. RUTH will transfer the lessons learnt from the pilot activities implemented in ADRIMOB for the completion of cross-modal circuits in different parts of coastal Adriatic areas and will carry out the feasibility study for the completion of the multimodal circuit through interconnecting port and inland infrastructure in the target regions. Further initiatives can be implemented after the project end, through regional policy and other financial instruments, ensuring the long term impact on the Region.
Moreover, thanks to its experience in the management of cooperation projects, RUTH will bring into the consortium its know-how in cooperation projects.


RU of Thesprotia, as a coastal regional authority is competent in planning and implementing initiatives in the field of multimodal mobility and marine sector of the Region. The issue of mobility in the area of Thesprotia involves many organizations, such as the port organization, the organization of the interurban busses and the municipalities.
RU Thesprotia due to its institutional role is in the position and will co-ordinate the relevant bodies to implement the respective activities and ensure the long-term impact of them.


P. Tsaldari 18 18
46100 Igoumenitsa (GR)
T. +30 26653 60267 



Thomas Logothetis 
SCM member/Project Manager

Christoforos Bezas
Financial manager

Andreas Lolis

Panagiota Mokou
Technical team

Evaggelos Stefos
Technical team

Spyridoula Chrysikopoulou
Technical team