Captain Project


Port of Bar Holding Company

Beneficiary organization

Port of Bar, as practically the only cargo port in Montenegro, which carries out more than 95% of maritime transport, has capacities and development potentials giving it great regional status. Port of Bar is composed of the five departments (Development and Cargo handling, Engineering, Financial, Commercial, Administrative and IT department) and about 400 employes. Port of Bar have own IT system and internal network with more than 200 computers. In addition, total budget of the Port of Bar is nearly 8 mil.€ per year.

Previous experience

Port of Bar has significant experience in EU co-financed project, both in CBC programs as well as in Transnational programmes. In the following projects Port of Bar has participated as a project partner: EA SEA-WAY, INTERMODADRIA, ADRIMOB, ADRISEAPLANES (all projects financed by IPA ADRIATIC Programme),  ADB MULTIPLATFORM, TEN ECOPORT, SEE MARINER, WATERMODE, ECOPORT8 (all projects financed by SEE Programme), UNCOSS (FP7), DEVELOPMED (MED Programme), PORTUS, MAP, APLOMB (all projects financed by INTERREG ADRIATIC Programme). In addition, Port of Bar has realized one project within CEI KEP Programme (SAFEADRIA) and one project financed by the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy (MEZZOGIORNO BALCANI). Also, in several EU co-financed project Port of Bar has been involved as an associated partner.

Contribution to the project

Port of Bar is the central port of the Montenegrin port system and has the necessary professional experience to fulfil project tasks. Port of Bar will capitalize Adrimob results connected with passenger transport, transport infrastructure, administrative procedures, etc. In particular, within ADRIMOB Port of Bar realized the study “Development directions of the functions of the passenger terminal in Port of Bar”. In line with study recommendations, Port of Bar will develop a feasibility study, aimed to analyze different options of infrastructure at the passenger terminal development. Accordingly, CBA  of future infrastructure improvements will be prepared as an additional step to the improvement of the accessibility of passenger ships in Port of Bar.
Port of Bar will carry out all other CAPTAIN activities and will cooperate with other relevant public administrations in Montenegro to ensure the sustainability and the transfer of CAPTAIN results.


Experts of Port of Bar involved in the project activities have experiences in the implementation of international project; they daily manage the activity of the port and direct relations with local and national administrations and have the necessary know how to realize different development projects, to solve different kind of problems related to the Port and to develop the activities planned in CAPTAIN. Port of Bar has an important role in the policy design and implementation: the Port took part in the process of relevant policies design through the study “Logistic Integration of the Regional Transport System Subject” as well through the participation in the process related to the “Long Term Development Strategy of the Transport System in Montenegro” and the “Strategy of the Economic Development of the Municipality of Bar”.


Port of Bar,
Obala 13 Jula b.b.,
85000 Bar (MNE)
T. +382 30 300 521

Deda Đelović
SCM member

Dejan Đurđević 
Technical team

Rade Stanišić
Project manager/ Financial Manager