Captain Project


Rete Autostrade Mediterranee Spa (RAM)

Beneficiary organization

Rete Autostrade Mediterranee S.p.a. (RAM), was founded in 2004, aiming to implement the “Motorways of the Sea” National Programme, in accordance with the corresponding European programme, as included in the TEN-T Network General Plan.
The company, whose share capital is now entirely owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, pursues the objective of developing maritime transport services as an essential mean of connecting regions in the Euro-Mediterranean context.
RAM S.p.A., as an implementing body on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, works on the planning and coordination of activities implementing EU directives on “Motorways of the Sea”, it also  manages national incentives promoting the development of intermodal transport and is involved in the management of European projects. RAM has increased its available staff resources and posses now 8 project managers, working full time on EU funded projects.

Previous experience

RAM has been constantly involved in EU cofunded CBC projects in the last 10 years. The completed projects are: East Med MoS (2005-GR-90701-S), West Med Corridors (2006-EU-93016-S), MOS4MOS (2010-EU-21102-S), MOS24 (2010-EU-21101-S), ITS Adriatic Multiport Gateway (2010-EU-21106-S), NAPASTUDIES (2013-EU-21017-S), Adriatic MoS (IPA 2007-2013, 1°ord./0029), MEDNET (Ref : 4294 / 2S-MED11-14), MED-PCS (Ref : 5301 / 2C-MED12-21). The ongoing projects in which RAM is involved are: Med Atlantic Ecobonus (2014-EU-TM-0544-S), RIS II (2014-IT-TM-0319-S), Improvementof the northern Italy waterway system (2014-IT-TM-0543-W), NAPA4CORE (2014-EU-TM-0343-M), Fresh Food Corridors (2014-EU-TM-0531-S), E-Impact (2014-EU-TM-0686-S), GAINN4CORE (2014-IT-TM-0450-S). Moreover, RAM has presented many different project proposals which are currently being examined for approval.

Contribution to the project

Rete Autostrade Mediterranee SpA acquired its experience in the shipping sector and in the European policy on maritime matters through over 10 years of intense project management activities. Thus RAM is particularly indicated to be a partner of the project, by  contributing to ensure the correct implementation at all stages and having an advice role on possible challenges and topics which may arise during the implementation phase. RAM will capitalize the Master Plan of Adriatic MoS, analyzing the feasibility of the interventions proposed on the implementation of MoS corridors and on the solutions to overcome bottlenecks and missing links for freight and passenger transport from ports to hinterland. Moreover, RAM will actively participate in the exchange of best practices, in the connection of CAPTAIN with other initiatives (MEDNET, etc), in the  dissemination and transfer of results to relevant stakeholders and to the policy level, etc.


RAM has acted as project coordinator, task leader and project partner in  several EU funded  projects, having thus acquired significant expertise in all project management activities, such as dedicated project administration, planning, progress monitoring and control, budget planning and monitoring, quality assurance and reviewing of project outputs, and finally, risk management and contingency planning. Due to its wide expertise in the related sector, RAM will contribute significantly to the technical elaboration of the activities related to the various tasks.
Ram has a wide experience in the field of communication since it has been leader of several  communication and dissemination activities in the framework of the european projects.
Furthermore, Ram has organized and managed highly specialized training programmes for the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and the maritime cluster’s stakeholders.


Via Nomentana, 2
00161 Roma (IT)
T. +39 06 44124461

Roberto Mencarelli 
SCM member/Project Manager

Matteo Arena 
SCM member (substitute) 

Valeria Cipollone 
Financial manager

Parastu Bahramsari 
Technical team