Captain Project


University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Maritime studies and transport

Beneficiary organization

Faculty of Maritime studies and transport is a part of University of Ljubljana and is currently employing around 70 highly educated scholars with highest academic titles, most of them with PhD’s, and operates with a yearly budget of about 2.5mil €. We have modern computer equipment and various laboratories for research in the field of transport education and science, complemented by a variety of simulators for simulating real life traffic situations.

Previous experience

Faculty has experience in dissemination of results from previous projects (AB landbridge, Adria A, StarNet, PORTUS, EA SEA WAY) and has supported the setting up of national strategies in transport and spatial planning development.

Contribution to the project

Faculty will implement in activities and initiatives envisaged for the coordination, dissemination, capitalization, institutional cooperation, capacity building and strategy definition. It will provide the necessary support to the lead partner and other beneficiaries and cooperate in the definition of the global approach and shared solutions to the problems defined in previous projects such as ADRIMOB, EA SEA WAY and Adriatic MoS projects.


Faculty of Maritime studies has been a vital part of many international projects (AB landbridge, Adria A, StarNet, PORTUS and EA SEA-WAY). As such, it has formed good connections with various parties within Slovenia in charge of forming national policies and strategies for development of transportations systems within and over Slovenian borders and it will credibly represent the interests of Slovenia within CAPTAIN project.



Pot pomorščakov 4
6320 Portorož (SLO)
T. +386 5 67 67 250 

Elen Twrdy 
SCM member/Project Manager

Boštjan Žlak 
Financial/Administrative Manager 

Marina Zanne 
Technical team 

Rok Gornik 
Technical team 

Alan Mahne Kalin
Technical team