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Beneficiary organization

Informest, established by the national law n.19/1991 (so-called Law on the Border Areas), is a regional development agency whose mission is to promote international cooperation and development. Since 1992 Informest has closely worked with National, regional and local Authorities and international organisations to carry out more than 200 projects acting both as implementing body of national/regional programmes and coordinator of transnational projects in the financial and technical management, particularly focusing on the Eastern Europe and Balkan area. Informest staff consists of 20 experts specialized in project management and design, international relations, attraction of funds, management of complex/multidisciplinary transnational and local working groups, EGTC management. Moreover Informest has its own web-farm for the software development and the management of web portal.

Previous experience

Informest has a huge experience in international projects. In reference with transports and mobility, it has gained skills on freight traffics, logistics chain and infrastructure connections in Sonora (Central Europe), Italbalk (MAE, law 84/2001) and SEETAC (SEE), and on port, traffics and maritime lines development in the Adriatic area being active partner in Sea-Bridge (IPA) and Portus (SEE); human mobility and tourism has been afforded in Adriatic Seaways (INTERREG–CARDS–PHARE); ADRIA-A (IPA ITA-SLO), aiming at contributing to the accessibility and transport reorganisation in the entire cross-border area, in order to form an integrated Italian–Slovene metropolitan transport area. Informest has played an important role in EA SEA-WAY, being the coordinator of the WP " Development of sustainable passenger transport models for the Adriatic basin and capacity building".

Contribution to the project

Informest will contribute to the development of all WPs, providing the project with its specific skills in  communication and capitalization, attraction of funds, management of complex/multidisciplinary transnational and local  working groups, EGTC management, project management and design, international relations. It will play an important role in the activities for the working groups and coordination, dissemination, capitalisation, institutional cooperation, capacity building and strategy definition. Informest will be the coordinator of WP2 and will play a pivotal role in the establishment of the Observatory, in the capacity building action and in the re-elaboration/adaptation of results to make possible their transferability. Last, Informest has a long experience in cross-border/transnational initiatives and in supporting national and local public administrations to implement internationalization policies.


Informest has developed a wide and diversified network which includes national and regional government bodies (i.e. Ministries, Agencies for local development, etc.), international institution, universities and research centres. Informest has a huge experience in capacity building projects (Twinnings, etc) and communication and capitalization actions. Thus, Informest will play an important role in transferring and disseminating CAPTAIN results, in the capacity building activity planned in WP3, in the establishemnt of the AI Observatory and will be the coordinator of WP2.





Via Cadorna, 36
34170 Gorizia (IT)
T. +39 0481 597411

Walter Goruppi
SCM member/Project Manager 

Donatella Cavo
Financial manager 

Cinzia Bertino
Communication manager 

Francesca Silvera
Project Senior