Captain Project


Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Central Directorate for infrastructure and territory

Beneficiary organization

Within its organization, FVG Region, Central Directorate for Infrastructure and territory, has established, since 2006, a specific Unit composed by 3 people, which is in charge of all the administrative and financial issues related to EU co-financed project management, supporting the participation of the various technical Divisions in which the Directorate is composed by (Regional and local public transport Division, Infrastructure division, Ports Division, Spatial planning Division, Public works Division). Being a public body, it has by law the availability of financial resources necessary to anticipate all the expenditures required to carry out all the envisaged project activities.

Previous experience

FVG Region has a long lasting experience and competence in the management of EU projects and in cooperating at regional, national and international level. In 2007-2013 programming period it was partner in 11 projects (n. 6 transnational: SONORA, BATCo, EDITS - in Central Europe, Transitects in Alpine Space, ACROSSEE in SEE, FUTUREMED in MED and 4 cross-border projects) and Lead Partner in 3 projects: a SEE strategic project "Adriatic-Danube-Black Sea Multimodal platform (ADB multiplatform)", with 22 partners and 17 Associated Strategic Partners; n. 2 standard projects in Italy-Austria Programme (CAAR and MICOTRA). It was partner and WPL in a strategic project in MED Programme: Freight and passengers sUpportinginfomobiliTy systems for a sUstainable improvement impRovEment of the competitiveness of port-hinterland systems of the MED area (FUTUREMED). It is currently the Lead Beneficiary of the ongoing strategic project EA SEA-WAY, IPA Adriatic Programme 2007-2013, with 19 partners.

Contribution to the project

FVG Region retains strategic to promote the maritime transport of passengers through the development of unified models of sustainable mobility and integrated transport systems. FVG Region wants to capitalize the outputs carried out and the results of the ongoing strategic project EA SEA-WAY, aiming at developing a common strategy for improving the connectivity of Adriatic – Ionian Region and of its maritime system, throughout the connections among major ports and TEN-T and, therefore, it is one of the promoters of CAPTAIN project. It is interested and involved in all project phases and will: provide administrative, financial and technical coordination; contribute in the capitalization of the pilot project on new maritime cross border lines, elaborating  the pilot for providing a model for the Adriatic-Ionian Region of procedures to be followed by competent authorities to activate new passengers CB lines; contribute in setting up a CB Observatory on passenger maritime transport.


FVG Region as LA acts as primary promoter in the field of infrastructure and transport, of the logistics and of the mobility of passengers and freight, as well as spatial planning. FVG Region is one of the coordinators of the Italian Regions within EUSAIR TSG2, sub-group of transport within Pillar 2, and it is still a member of Commission for transport and infrastructure of Adriatic Euroregion. Due to its experience in working at local/national/transnational level, managing complex partnership and offering a well established network of stakeholders and key players, FVG Region will ensure the adequate awareness raising and the diffusion of outputs and results at national and transnational level, primarily towards EUSAIR TSG2 and SEETO, and will guarantee synergies between CAPTAIN and other territorial cooperation projects.


Via Giulia, 75/1
34126 Trieste (IT)
T. +39 040 3774720

Massimiliano Angelotti
SCM member/Project Manager 

Viviane Basso
Financial manager 

Irene Cermeli
Financial manager 

Silvia Bianchet
Communication manager