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ADRIMOB is in line with the Priority 3 Measure 3.2 of IPA Programme: it is aimed at favouring the development of sustainable transport system along and between the Adriatic coasts as well as their inlands.

Adriatic sea has been considered for long time as an obstacle to EU integration; in reality it represents a big opportunity for the development and the competitiveness of the Adriatic area. ADRIMOB is defined taking into consideration the specific background and problems identified starting from the general overview on EU politics in the field of sustainable mobility, the analysis of the mobility situation in the Adriatic area, down to the specific state of art and problems raised by the partners in such field.

Considering the cooperation area and the continued growth of tourism and business activities between the Adriatic coast, there was no need effort to the sustainable mobility, to define and structure a less polluting transportation system for both cargo and passengers.

The need is to plan an integrated strategy of sustainable transport to favour the sustainable movement of the increasing number of people travelling for different reasons: work, tourism, business etc.. So the project intends to strengthen and integrate the network of infrastructures, developing and improving transport services and communication.

The ADRIMOB Project involves the main ports of cross-border area (Venice, Ravenna, Rimini, Cesenatico, Pesaro-Urbino Pescara, Brindisi, Bari, Rovinj, Rab, Split, Durres, Bar, and the main ports of Igoumenitsa Slovenian area.




First InfoDay, Trieste 15 July 2016, Ppt presentations: 

6_CapitalizADRIMOB Joint action plans_Stanisic_15_07_2016

PP4 (PP6) - Capitalization of ADRIMOB project - lessons learnt