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East Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea Master Plan (EM MoS MP) is a project performed by Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Malta under the Europan Union TEN-T program. Within this project, a document (Master Plan) for development of transport system in Eastern Europe was formed. This document presents 12 transport system scenarios in detail (2-3 include Croatian ports) in this part  of Mediterrenian with detailed analysis and plans for necessary modification and investments in infrastructure. It will also serve the European Comission for creation of developmental strategies as well as for the planning of related financial programmes which will enforce investments and development of transport infrastructure. Croatia did not participate in the original project because it is still not a member of Europan Union which is the reason why it cannot use the funds from TEN-T. This is why we initiated and together with our partners applied our project to IPA Adriatic program with a goal of developing Adriatic Motorways of the Sea Master Plan which will be added to the mentioned original Master Plan. This way we will have the possibility to  include transport systems from the east coast of the Adriatic into the EU developmental programmes and we will also make financial resources for our transport system available in the next period.

In short, the goal of our project AdriaticMoS is to conduct a detailed analysis of the current state of infrastructure and transport service on the Adriatic, as well to create several scenarios for the development of transport system on the Adriatic by taking into account national strategic developmental documents in each country and on the basis of the real request for transport.

For each scenario , realization plan will be made and this will include assuring of financial means. Finally, the project will result with plan of development and investments in maritime and intermodal transport syswtem on the Adriatic.

Lead partner: Rete Autostrade Mediterranee Spa. (RAM), Italy

Other partners:

-  Ministry of Transport, Slovenia
-  Ministry of the Sea,Transport and Infrastructure, Croatia
-  Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka, Croatia
-  Intermodal Transport Cluster, Croatia
-  Institute for Transport, Albania
-  Ministry of Transport and Maritime, Montenegro
-  National Technical University of Athens, Grčka
-  Municipality Krf, Grčka

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First InfoDay, Trieste 15 July 2016, Ppt presentation: 

4_Captain Adriatic MoS presentation_Zgalijc_15_07_2016