Captain Project

The Project


"CAPTAIN overall objective is to improve accessibility and mobility across Adriatic Ionian (AI) area and its hinterland, through the development of sustainable, safe, crossborder(CB) and integrated transport services and through the improvement of infrastructures, by the capitalization of EASEAWAY, Adrimob and Adriatic MoS.
CAPTAIN specific objectives are:

  • to promote analysis and feasibility studies for the implementation of actions of EUSAIR Pillar 2 “developing ports…”; “developing MoS”; ”CB facilitation”;
  • to create synergies among EASEAWAY, Adrimob, Adriatic MoS  projects and their partners and to develop a broader network of main transport actors to strengthen capacities and transfer best practices;
  • to develop exchanges and synergies thanks to tools, best practices and models implemented in EASEAWAY, Adrimob, Adriatic MoS;
  • to increase the impact of EASEAWAY, Adrimob, AdriaticMoS on regional/national policies in AI area and beyond and guarantee coordination of interventions to overcome bottlenecks and missing links for both passenger and freight transport.


All specific objectives support the implementation of the action plan of EUSAIR, Pillar2 and are achieved through:

  • feasibility studies on: integration of AI ports with hinterland and transport networks for passengers and freight transport (cap. AdriaticMOS, Adrimob, EASEAWAY); harmonization of services for passengers with special needs in AI Port system (cap. EASEAWAY); infrastructural interventions in Bar and Dubrovnik Ports (cap. Adrimob, EASEAWAY). Feasibility studies  will be  transferred to SEETO, main AI stakeholders, EU initiatives and EUSAIR TSG2, providing to TSG2 relevant/updated data, technical/economic feasibility studies and comparative analysis;
  • establishment of AI Observatory on passenger maritime transport  (cap. EASEAWAY). The  Observatory will involve main transport stakeholders and will be connected with MEDNET Port Operations Observatory;
  • CB working groups on modeling and fine-tuning results on: new CB maritime lines and successful pilot activities (cap. EASEAWAY, AdriMOB); an assessment of AI port system, its integration with hinterland & possible development scenarios (cap. EASEAWAY); the master plan of ADRIATIC MoS; strategic and action plans to improve mobility in AI area   (cap. AdriMOB, EASEAWAY). Re-elaborated outputs will be transferred to AI regional/national policy levels, Ports, operators, EU initiatives, etc.
  • direct involvement of policy making levels in meetings and communication action.

CAPTAIN objectives contribute to: integrate ports with hinterland and transport networks; improve services/efficiency of transport system for passengers and freights; enhance data sharing on maritime and “from port to hinterland” mobility; promote alternative means of transport. Thus,CAPTAIN provides solutions to problems addressed and fully complies with objectives of Priority 3, meas.2 “to promote sustainable transport services to improve links in Adriatic area”."