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CAPTAIN Project Activities

Crossborder Project Management and Coordination (Work package 1)

Lead Partner is in charge of managing the project and implements, supervises, coordinates a system to ensure its correct advancement and monitoring from the financial and technical point of view.

Lead Partner identifies a Project Leader in charge of the overall coordination and a Financial Manager responsible for the overall financial flow and administrative obligations; Partners identify staff and experts working on the project. Partner financial responsible under the coordination of Lead Partner meet all administrative and financial obligations. Technical teams implement activities under the work packages coordinators.

At project start a Steering Committee composed by one member of each Project Partner is established. Steering Committee is the decision making body, takes strategic decisions, approves the achievement of outputs/results and project changes; reviews and evaluates regularly project progress, monitors budget and risks. A kick off meeting and 2 steering committee and coordination meetings among Partners are held.

Communication and dissemination (Work package 2)

This work package aims at ensuring dissemination and capitalization of results towards Adriatic Ionian target groups and policy makers. The coordinator delivers a communication plan, editorial plan, CAPTAIN visual identity, website and social media profiles and codifies the rules and the project dissemination action to the different target groups at CB level.

At cross border level the transfer and the dissemination of results (towards political actors, representatives of elected bodies, transport and port authorities, thematic networks, international agencies etc, EUSAIR steering group on transportTSG2, the South East Europe Transport Observatory - SEETO, other stakeholders and relevant actors in the Adriatic Ionian region) are developed in the framework of the CB observatory on passenger transport in the AI area (activated in WP3) and are supported by: merging of the databases of stakeholders and target groups of the past IPA projects; updating of project website and social media profiles with targeted information regarding the capitalization actions; promotional campaigns on the results of the capitalization process through Facebook; updating of the website with freely downloadable and smart results as capitalization of past projects on transport; mid-term and final conference; connections with & transferring results towards other EU programmes/initiatives/networks

Technical implementation (Work package 3)

The first activity is the analysis/sharing of outputs to be capitalized among the partnership and the working methodology. Working groups will be created and will work on: establishing an observatory on passenger transport on AI area; elaboration of feasibility studies on the integration of ports with hinterland/transport networks for passengers/freight and on the harmonization of services for passengers with special needs in the Port system of AI area; development of a common capacity building action for ports operators for the implementation of services for passengers with special needs; transferring knowledge and practices on past pilot activities, assessment of the Adriatic port system, master plan, strategies&action plans to improve the mobility in the Adriatic. The observatory will provide a stable framework and network to exchange data, information, best practices, solutions and to harmonize procedures among competent authorities/operators on maritime transport and its integration with hinterland. The implementation of technical activities such as the feasibility studies, the capacity building action, the re-elaboration of some past projects outputs and the transferring of knowledge/best practices will be the first activities of the observatory. Technical meetings/workshops with EUSAIR steering group table on transport (TSG)and Ministries will be organized to transfer the capitalized results to the EUSAIR strategy and at national level